Theresa Neef

I am a researcher at the macroeconomics department of DIW Berlin and at the EU Tax Observatory. I am currently finishing my PhD at the Free University of Berlin. I am also a research fellow of the World Inequality Lab.

My research interests comprise public economics, inequality research, international taxation and economic history.

E-mail: tneef[at]

Twitter: @ThereFeen

You can find my CV here.

New publication in German: Wie ungleich ist die Welt? Ergebnisse des World Inequality Report 2022 (jointly with Lucas Chancel). Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, Nr. 37-38/2022.

New policy brief: Effective sanctions against oligarchs and the role of a European Asset Registry (jointly with Panayiotis Nicolaides, Lucas Chancel, Thomas Piketty, and Gabriel Zucman)

Media coverage among others in Der Spiegel , the Washington Post, and Dagens Nyheter.


Revenue effects of the global minimum tax under Pillar Two. (with Mona Baraké, Paul-Emmanuel Chouc, and Gabriel Zucman). Intertax 2022, Vol. 50(10), pp. 689 – 710.

Work in Progress

Half the Sky? The Female Labor Income Share in a Global Perspective (joint with Anne-Sophie Robilliard)

In this paper, we analyze gender inequality from the perspective of labor income and explore the following questions: Which share of labor income do women earn in a country, a world region, and globally? How has this share evolved since 1990? Combining employment and labor income data from the International Labour Organi- zation, the Luxembourg Income Study, and the European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, we find that women earned about 30% of global labor income in the early 1990s and 35% today.

Have a look at our working paper (World Inequality Lab 2021/22) or our chapter in the World Inequality Report 2022.

The Long Way to Gender Equality: Gender Pay Differences in Germany, 1871-2016.

I construct a harmonized time series of the unadjusted gross earnings ratio between men and women in Germany for the period 1871-2016. On this basis, I can discuss factors associated with rapid change or stagnation of gender pay differences over time.

First results are available in my short paper for the EHS Annual Conference 2021.

When capitalism takes over socialism: (missing) capital income and East-West-German income inequality. (joint with Stefan Bach and Charlotte Bartels)

This paper constructs distributional national accounts (DINA) for East and West Germany to study the distribution of national income since the German reunification in 1990. We document substantial income differences between East and West Germans persisting 30 years after the German unification, which we relate to the lack of capital ownership in the East. We show that capital income generated in East Germany flowing to West German capital owners can explain structural differences between the income distributions in East and West Germany.

First results in our chapter in the NBER conference volume: Chetty, R., Friedman, J. N., Gornick, J.C., Johnson, B. and A. Kennickell (eds.): Measuring distribution and mobility of income and wealth, 2021, University of Chicago Press.

Research Briefs

Revenue effects of the global minimum tax: country-by-country estimates (with Mona Baraké, Paul-Emmanuel Chouc, and Gabriel Zucman). EU Tax Observatory Note No. 2.

Minimizing the Minimum Tax? The Critical Effect of Substance-based Carve-outs. (with Mona Baraké, Paul-Emmanuel Chouc, and Gabriel Zucman). EU Tax Observatory Note No. 1.

Collecting the Tax Deficit of Multinational Companies: Simulations for the European Union. (with Mona Baraké, Paul-Emmanuel Chouc, and Gabriel Zucman). EU Tax Observatory Report No. 1.

What’s New About Income Inequality in Europe (1980-2019)? (with Marc Morgan) World Inequality Lab – Issue Brief 2020/04.

What’s New About Income Inequality in Russia (1980-2019)? Trends in Comparison to Eastern Europe. World Inequality Lab – Issue Brief 2020/05.

Research Methodology

Distributional National Accounts Guidelines: Methods and Concepts used in the World Inequality Database (with fellow coordinators and co-directors).

Policy Work

I contributed to 14 Ideas for after Corona hosted by Dezernat Zukunft.